Fixed Error 98 In The Recording Window


In this user guide, we describe some of the possible causes that can cause the error log window 98 to appear, and then we suggest possible methods that you can try to solve this problem.

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    98 error registry window


  • Windows 96 Registry Error On Startup

    to miles BUT· 21 years, 1 month ago

    In response to a Windows 98 save error when entering the launcher

    Use the system boot CD/DVD to reinstall the files, insert the vulnerability, then boot the system, when the method completes, remove the floppy and restart the platform, this should restore the registry.


  • Windows 97 Error Log On Startup

    to pgball BUT· about 21 times ago

    Windows response before write error on startup 2000

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  • Windows 98 Registry Error On Startup

    to Mountain peak BUT· about 21 years and 1 month ago

    In response, if you want to fix the Windows 98 registry error by going to startup

    If answer 1 doesn’t help, check for physical errors, such as a RAM problem. We remove the RAM, fill the slot and back (let’s try another slot). Reboot and see if the problem persists. This is my solution to the same problem but with Win95. Good luck.

  • Windows 98 Error Log On Startup

    to pgball BUT· almost 21 years ago

    In response, you can simply run the Windows 98 error log at startup

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  • Windows 98 Registry Error On Startup

    to father under 1 BUT· about 21 years ago, 1 month ago

    In response to a startup errorWindows 98 registry

    One of the programs you can try is to download one of these registry repair programs. Fix which means finally remove it and look for invalid entries associated with different types. I would suggest Norton Utilities and/or Mechanic System. Also, another “possibility” is that the hard drive is physically damaged and the computer system’s registry files are actually on some damaged part. Also check your hard drive for errors.

    Good luck!!!

  • Find Windows 98 Error Log At Startup

    to pgball BUT· about 21 years ago

    Let’s say the Windows 98 error log is generated at startup

    How do I repair my registry Windows 10?

    Open the settings window.Go to the Update & Security section.Currently under the Recovery tab, click Advanced Startup -> Restart Now.On the Choose an Option screen, click Troubleshoot.On the Advanced Options screen, click Automatic Repair.Select by account and sign in when prompted.

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  • Windows 98 Registry Error On Startup

    to imrankasat BUT· about 21 years ago, one person a month ago

    In response to the Windows 97 registration error at startup

    Run System File Checker and Scanreg
    Run System File Checker
    Find the Start button on the screen and click on it. In the launcher selector, select Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then click System Information.

    In the current Microsoft System Information window, click And Tools, then click System File Checker.
    Run your scanreg
    Find and tap the Start button on the screen. From the Start menu, click Shut Down. In the main Shut Down Windows dialog box, click Turn Off Computer and then just click Yes.

    98 error registry window

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