What Causes Access 2010 Macro Single Step Error #2950 And How To Fix It


Over the past few days, some of our users have experienced access 2010 Single Step Macro Error Code 2950. This problem can occur for a number of reasons. Let’s look at them now.

Error 2950 means that the main macro cannot be run from Access. This issue occurs when Microsoft Access does not trust the information from which the macro is created. Newer versions of Access Open Data Source are not trusted in disabled mode. In disabled mode, details of the executable file are disabled.


If you run a real macro that calls Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) on a Microsoft Office Access 2007 target in addition to a later database, you’ll get an audience error:

Action failed
Macro name: macro name
Condition: Condition
Macro Name: RunCode
Arguments: Arguments
Bug number: 2950


How do I fix Microsoft Access error?

Restoring from a previous backup.Use compact and repair database.Use the Microsoft Jet Compact utility.Create a new MS Access database and import the corrupted files.Use the repair program.

This type occurs when Access cannot trust the database. By default, US versions of Access open databases that most people don’t trust with persistent mode disabled. In disabled mode, executable content is always disabled.


If you trust the author connected to the database and hope to activate the database, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Enable The Database For The Found Session

With this method, Access takes over control of the database until you close the underlying database. Follow these steps to enable recording the current session:

  1. Click Options in the message bar.
  2. In all Microsoft Office security dialog option packages, click Enable this content, and then click OK.

Method 2: Move The Information To A Safe Place

  1. Specify the trusted stores to which you can currently move the database. To do this, follow the steps described in the section Contacts:

    1. Click And File, then click Options.

    2. access 2010 macro single step error number 2950

      Click “Trust and Center”, then click “Trust Center Settings” under “Microsoft Office Access Trust Center”.

    3. Tap Trusted Locations and follow the basic steps procedures:

    4. Write down the paths of the listed trusted zones.
    5. Add a new trusted location. To do this, click “Create”, “Add Place”, then specify, I would say, the path to the place that the families want to add.
  2. Move the database discovery to a secure location that suits your needs.

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You can use a macro with AutoExec to check if a data source is trusted when opening a database. In addition, the macro can reopen a form that displays a specially crafted message to users if the database is not trusted. This post helps users know that for someone’s code to work properly, this database must be enabled or trusted.

To create a kind of macro and AutoExec form, do the following:

  1. How do I fix a macro error in Access?

    Notes. Use SingleStep Hands Per Hour to fix barely working macros. They can help you add one-step actions to a specific macro before performing any action on an object that you suspect is causing the problem. This action will stopIncorporates macros and launches a step-by-step macro dialog box.

    Create a new form design in view.A

  2. Add a text box or label to the form, and then enter the information that customers need to provide to the user.

  3. How do I stop a macro single step?

    To turn single motion off, click Continue in the Step Macro dialog box, or if the macro is open in Design Checker, click Step Step on the Design tab in the Tools group, which means “None” is selected much longer.

    Save and closeform.

  4. Create a real macro, then a company name macro AutoExec.

  5. Display the “Conditions” column.

  6. Then enter after in the “Conditions” column:

    CurrentProject.IsTrusted is false

  7. In the Actions column, click Open Form.

  8. In the “Form Name” field in the “Action Click Arguments” section, enter the form that the customer created in step 1.

  9. Save and close after the macro.

When the database starts, the macro AutoExec is run and you have to check the conditionApproved. If the directory does not trust the input, the macro opens the form of your entire family, specified in the macro action Open Form.

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  • Applies to:
    Access to create Office 365, Access 2019, Access 2016, Access 2013, Access 2010, Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Office 365 ProPlus will be permanently renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps for business. More information about this change can be found in this discussion post.

    If you run a small business, Check out Support for Small Business.

    for additional troubleshooting and learning resources.

    Depending on your version, you may need to repeat this tactic every time you open the database.

    MS Access is a database system provided by Microsoft. Obviously, it is based on the Microsoft Jet relational database engine. Various issues are observed in MS Access, including an error with action error number: 2950. This error occurs even though a macro that calls a VBA function is running. Its appearance depends on the database, which has not been tested by Access. If the database is experiencing error 2950, ​​there may also be a problem with restoring the MS Access database.

    Various Ways To Fix MS Database Access Error 2950

    How do I fix Access error 2950?

    Start your computer or PC and log in as an administrator.Then also click the “Start” button and then “Programs” -> “Accessories” -> “System Tools” -> “System Restore”.On the next screen, click “Restore my computer to a perfect previous period” and click “Next”.

    There are several ways to fix MS Access Database Access Error 2590. We will discuss the recommended methods commonly used by experts to fix MS Access Database Error 2590 and successfully open an MS Access database. As a rule, with the specified parametersyou can successfully fix the MS Access database error, which is undoubtedly the following: –

    1. Enable database for new current session
    2. Move the database to a safe location.
    3. Configuring the AutoExec Macro
    4. Use the shrink and restore feature.
    5. Using Windows Recovery
    6. Using Aryson Access Database Recovery

    Let us know the details of the various methods suggested by the experts.

    Method 1: Activate The Database From A Previous Session

    Do the following to enable each database for the current session:

  • Launch MS Access.
  • Just go to the message bar and click the Options button.
  • It will almost certainly open a brand new window with Microsoft Office security options.
  • Click “This” to enable articles and other content, and then click “OK”.
  • Method 2: Move The Database To Almost Any Secure Location.

    access 2010 macro single step error number 2950

    To fix MS Access database error 2950, ​​do the following:

  • Launch MS Access.
  • Now click the Microsoft Office Button and select some access options.
  • Select “Trust Center” and under “Access the Microsoft Trust Center” click “Trust Center Settings”.
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