Tips For Resolving Clear Service Pack Source Files


I hope this article will help you if you notice the unique update package source files.

Deleting the computer data files from the WinSxS folder, as well as deleting the entire WinSxS folder, will surely damage your system severely, your computer may not boot up, and even make it impossible to update.

Remove source patch files from specific Window folderss only if you have saved a copy elsewhere. You will need these files when changing the configuration of your amazing system. When reinstalling, just check the box Add exactlyDelete. Size varies.

No further details have been added for this actual function.

In Professional xplite, you can’t delete more update package source files than the group called “Operating System Options”.

The ability to remove Clear Service Pack source files is unique to XPlite Professional.

Clear Pack source files are a separate component. The Erase Service Pack Source Files functionality is independent of other XPlite Professional components. Unsightly smudges and other XPlite Professional components should not affect Clear Service Pack Source Files.Service

Clear Pack source files are not required for other system components in XPlite Professional. You can properly remove Clear Service Pack Source Files without endangering other components of XPlite Professional.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: You may have many other software installed.cookie that contains the Clear Service Pack source files. If you have compatibility issues with other software, you can quickly and easily reinstall Clear Service Pack Source Files using XPlite Professional.

XPlite Professional can completely uninstall, reinstall, and restore the original Clear Service Pack files at:

  • Windows XP Professional: Original, SP1, SP2
  • Windows XP Home Edition: Original, SP1, SP2
  • Windows 2000 Professional: Original, SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4
  • Windows 2003 Server Original SP1, SP2 (coming soon!)
  • Of 1,511 attempts to use Windows XP, 1,141 had the original Clear Service Pack files installed, and 370 people also removed the original Clear Service Pack files from their systems.

    Of 393 Windows power users in 2000, 101 attached the Clear Service Pack source files and 60 uninstalled it from their system. No data for 232 individual users (advanced features or cryptic incomplete log data).

    1. In XPlite, also tap 2000lite to open settings.
    2. Make sure the port is enabled.
    3. Turn on the “Send component data when checking for updates” option on the Settings tab.
    4. UseClick the “Check for Updates” button on the “About” tab.

    The submitted information is the last block of investigation into the installation status of the component. In this log, they appear as “Option=1” or “Option=0”. Specific personal information is not shared.

    Currently, this section focuses on various ways to reduce the size of the WinSxS folder on a current installation of Windows 10 or later.

    Do not delete the WinSxS folder, instead you should reduce the size of some of the WinSxS folder tools used by Windows. For more information about how the WinSxS folder works, see Managing the Component Store.

    The operating system automatically reduces the size of the WinSxS folder using methods similar to the games described in this section. Windows sometimes uses internal processes to reduce the size of its own WinSxS folder, similar to deleting and removing feature packs that have been replaced by newer versions in the process of other features. Previous versions of someSome components are reserved in the system for a certain period of time, so you can roll back if necessary. After a while, these old components are automatically removed from the installation.

    You can also reduce the size of a Windows image using some of the actual methods described in Reducing the size of the component store from an offline image.

    To learn how to determine the size of a WinSxS folder, read Determining the actual thickness of a WinSxS folder.

    You have several ways to start cleaning up each of our storage components, which actually use a combination of package removal and component compression to clean up the WinSxS folder:

    Task Scheduler

    clear service pack source files

    The StartComponentCleanup task automatically cleans components when the system is idle. With automatic ownership, the task waits at least 30 days after installing an updated component before removing previous versions of a specific component.

    If you choose to fire this event, the task will be disabled for an hour and may not clear all files.Files.

    Run The Startcomponentcleanup Task In Task Scheduler To Clean And Compact Components

    Is it safe to delete service pack backup files?

    You would uninstall the SP1 backup PC, but: If you uninstall them, you won’t be able to uninstall the SP1 you just installed.

    1. If Task Scheduler is not open, start Task Scheduler. For more information, see Note Starting Task Scheduler.

    2. Expand the console tree and even navigate to the Task Scheduler LibraryMicrosoftWindowsServicingStartComponentCleanup.

    3. How do I clean up my Windows folder?

      Location: C:WindowsTemp You can visit this file and manually delete its contents at any time. Just press Ctrl + A to select everything and press Delete. If you do this, Windows may give you an error about several things depending on your needs. Just ignore them and delete everything else.

      In the Selected Item section, click Run

      schtasks.exe /Run /TN "MicrosoftWindowsServicingStartComponentCleanup"


      Why is my WinSXS folder so large?

      Why would I say the WinSXS folder is getting too big The WinSXS folder contains all files for the surgical system. When Windows installs updates, it removes the new Windows from the WinSXS folder and allows the old component to remain in the WinSXS folder. This means that every Windows update you install increases the size of your WinSXS folder.

      The startcomponentcleanup task can also be run from the command line.


    The /Cleanup-Image option in Dism.exe provides power users with additional options to further reduce the size of the WinSxS folder. For more information, see DISM Operating System Update Package Command Line Options.

    Use /StartComponentCleanup

  • Using the current Dism of.exe /StartComponentCleanup setting on a running version of Windows 10 and/or later will give you similar market results when running the StartCo taskmponentCleanup in Task Scheduler, with the exception of previous versions of components that can be lost immediately (no 30-day grace period), they do not have their own timeout limit of one hour. A

    Run immediately from an elevated command:

    Dism.exe /Cleanup-Image /online /StartComponentCleanup
  • Use One Of Our /ResetBase Switches With /StartComponentCleanup

    clear service pack source files

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