How To Fix Diablo 3 Auction House Error 32105


This guide will help you when you see diablo 3 auction house error 32105.

I got the error a few times and it seemed to be related to elements differently than any other, which helped limit the number of your main bids.

It is assumed that items can have less than one point of durability loss, which prevents them from showing up as repairs, but also prevents them from being put up for auction.

I just thought of this and it worked:Sell ​​the core items resulting from this bug to the in-game merchant and then collect them. Then fix everything.

This has fixed two items I’ve been having trouble with lately, but I can still auction them off.

It’s worth noting that as of Diablo 3 slot, this is no longer a compartment, as you can now auction items that aren’t 100% durable.

  • Damaged items can now be auctioned off.
  • Once ready to purchase, damaged items will be permanently repaired if they are placed in the buyer’s warehouse under the “Done” tab.
  • Please note that not for saleThese damaged items will not be automatically repaired when returned to the seller’s inventory.
  • I bought an item from this particular auction house, like others on this forum, and got the exact error 32105. My money was received, the item was not delivered. It shows up in auction components as a failed transaction with a severe error code.

    The first Blizzard ticket told me that I had to wait until day 5 for the most important money or item to go into my account (although I’ll check later and they knew that wasn’t true). Then I waited five whole days to find these people closing the ticket. I answered and asked him to just be honest with me. Here is the response I got from Game Master Daestrae:

    diablo 3 auction house error 32105

    Gamemaster Daestra is here. Thank you for taking a moment to let us know about this issue and the issue with this sold item. I am very sorry that you are experiencing this error if you see that it resulted in both the item and funds being shipped. Actually this is what your devs are trying to fix because keeping these elements locked can be very Although I’m afraid that until they can schedule a fix or give our company the go-ahead for more help and immediate action like this, we certainly won’t be able to properly take care of the security of the funds involved. We apologize for this and any inconvenience.

    Mostly they know that AH doesn’t work and companies don’t have a solution. You may also see transactions that many do not complete and do not want to fix.


    diablo 3 auction house error 32105

    Please remove this error. I never liked it, it hates me

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