How To Solve Dialing Error Code Problems?


Hope this guide will help you if you notice any error codes while dialing.

In computer programming, the return code or error code has become a numeric or alphanumeric code used to identify the nature of the error and its cause.

What does error code 800 mean?

Error 850 occurs when you try to successfully establish a new connection to the VPN server. It shows which expert messages sent by the VPN client (you) cannot reach the server. The user entered an invalid name or address through the VPN server. Network software is blocking VPN traffic.

With the TeleSign You API, you have to deal with status or error codes that usually appear in response content,instead of using an HTTP status code.

How do I fix error 638?

Restart your computer to ensure that all recent configuration changes have taken effect. Error 638 Request timed out. Recommendation: An internal error has occurred. Restart your computer to make sure that most of the latest configuration changes have taken effect.

Status codes in the TeleSign API consist of three or four digits. Error codes consist of five long digits.

A transaction with an intermediate password may allow a different status in the future. One with the final code, where you definitely won’t change the status, you know, in the future.

dialing error codes

Foutcodes Kiezen
Códigos De Erro De Discagem
Codici Di Errore Di Composizione
Codes D’erreur De Numérotation
Códigos De Error De Marcación
전화 걸기 오류 코드
Набор кодов ошибок
Wybieranie Kodów Błędów
Ringa Upp Felkoder

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Status code Corresponding line Description API
100 Challenge text accepted The end user can also answer the call using voicemail. Language check
101 No response No one answered part of the call. Language check
103 Call the phone They can be marked as running. You will receive an incredibly instant response from TeleSign when owners requestychno with status. When you later retrieve status notifications, they are converted to another trusted status code.
105 Call Voice not yet supported No confirmation call has yet been made. Language check
106 Call failed It looks like the call was not successful. This usually happens when the upstream TeleSign providers are unable to complete the call. Sometimes trying again will definitely work. Language check
107 Line busy The line was busy while the call was trying to reach each end user’s device. Voice check cancelled
108 Call via TeleSign TeleSign aborted. Language check
129 Call a blocked request TeleSign blocked the call before it was made. This is due to your earlier request to block this phone number. Language check
130 Call blocked by TeleSign TeleSign will block a great message if it is sent to a phone number that is literallyIt is globally blacklisted. Language check
200 Supplied with the phone SMS must be sent to each end user’s phone. in the end SMS, confirmation by SMS
201 Reading a message Read the message from the end player. Until the final Messages
203 delivered gateway SMS delivered to gateway. If the registry responds more successfully (including delivery to phone or incipient error), the status will be updated. middle SMS, confirmation by SMS
207 Failed to send SMS to phone (reason unknown) Failed to send an SMS to the end user’s mobile phone for an unknown reason. final SMS, confirmation by SMS
210 Temporary phone error Failed to send SMS to the handset. you temporarily need a mobile or mobile phone with a bug. Examples – The phone is switched off, there is not enough memory to store a phone message. final SMS, confirmation by SMS
211 Permanent client error Failed to send SMS to the handset due to a persistent phone error. For the level, the phone is not SMS compliant or is illegally registered with the organization. This can happen when the smartphone number is blacklisted or incorrect. End SMS SMS, confirm
220 The gateway/network cannot resolve the message The network cannot send a message to the handset. final SMS, confirmation by SMS
221 Message before delivery timeout The message must be queued by the wireless service provider and/or expired before it can be delivered to the phone. in the end SMS, confirmation by SMS
222 Text messages are not supported SMS is not fully supported by this phone, this carrier, this plan, and even this user. SMS, confirmation by SMS
229 Message blocked by choice You might get this code because you requested a ban or because TeleSign knocked on your behalf. Prohibition has become a custom, this means that it applies to the person and not to others.
230 Message blocked by TeleSign TeleSign will block the message if it is sent to the selected blacklisted phone. SMS, SMS confirmation
231 Invalid/Not Supported Content is not supported. SMS confirmation, blocked SMS
233 High Threat Alert. The risk score for a numeric target has been detected to exceed the configured maximum risk score. For this reason, TeleSign did not create the SMS. SMS confirmation
234 Price threshold exceeded The message could not be sent because the price exceeded the maximum price you set.
237 Message blocked by requested country You requested that messages be sent to a specific country and stopped, the message was sent to that country. SMS
238 Target blocked by prefix They asked to block phone numbers with almost any area code. SMS
250 End state unknown The final status of the SMS cannot actually be determined. SMS, confirmation by SMS
251 Message successfully sent for delivery, but final delivery confirmation to phone not received / MO sent successfully, but final delivery confirmation to phone not received The message was successfully transmitted to the gateway, but we are unable to confirm delivery to the phone as we do not receive final confirmation that your phones have been delivered to this area. NOTE. It is very likely that this message was successfully sent to the phone. SMS, do not check SMS
286 Transaction attempt SMS will be blocked because the specific phone type is not one of the following: mobile, prepaid, personal, possibly pager. SMS
290 Message in message history The message is sent to the SMS gateway. You will receive an immediate response from TeleSign when you make a request, usually with this status. If you receive the status information later, it will be changed to a different one status code. SMS, confirmation by SMS
291 TeleSign in queue TeleSign by records an abnormally high professional volume and queues the SMS message. SMS, confirmation by SMS
292 In the gateway queue The SMS Gateway has queued your message. SMS

SMS, confirm
295 Status held Status related to SMS is temporarily unavailable. SMS, confirmation by SMS
300 Transaction completed successfully The system has been well prepared to receive all requested proof for PhoneID.