How To Fix Error 1802: Unauthorized Network Card Installation Error


You may encounter error message 1802 Unauthorized network adapter inserted. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem, so we’ll talk about them shortly.

Aren’t you frustrated enough with your Lenovo if you haven’t encountered this weird process error? So, I recently bought this wonderful Lenovo ThinkPad E49.

So I figured out that I can’t establish a portable connection. This seemed like a very easy fix since I knew all the details on how to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi adapter beforehand.

So we started troubleshooting to find that the new drivers loaded might not be usable, restarted the computer wirelessly, but nothing worked. So I remembered the built-in BIOS. Either way, it has something to do with bad luck (considering it’s almost the last choice).

I went to the BIOS settings and found the network devices to find that the wireless LAN radios and the wireless port were disabled. Who has this fact! Well, it didn’t matter, what mattered was that I identify the problem and turn on one of the wireless devices, save the locations, and reboot.< br>

Well, that’s the problem here. On startup, some screen is simple showed the following: 1802: Unauthorized “network” card inserted – turn on the power and remove the card. I realized that I had to undo almost every setting I made. This is what I rebooted to enter bios settings and undo those settings. If

error 1802 unauthorized network card plugged in

Because the error itself wasn’t enough, the BIOS setup didn’t boot with the entire error displayed, and that’s where the real problem came in. So, with some proper research, I found the cause as well as the solution to the problem.

Error 1802 Cause: An Unauthorized Computer Network Card Has Been Inserted. Turn Off The Power And Remove The Card

Even though Lenovo is becoming the second largest stock market. This error is more common on Lenovo laptops with ThinkPads.

During one type of boot, the BIOS schedule runs a power-on self-test (POST) to verify that the system hardware is working properly. This includes checking the keyboard, RAM, hard drive and all components.

Unfortunately, Lenovo’s BIOS is at its best.We only accept hardware made by them, so it cannot boot with an unauthorized adapter. This is achieved by checking the PCI ID of the BIOS mapping card next to the whitelist. Yes, even after you get your own laptop, Lenovo still manages it by its own rules. Not interested.

How To Fix The Error

The cellular card is a small chip inside the motherboard that adds wireless capabilities to almost any computer.

Remove the WLAN card

This is the safest and easiest way to deal with an error. You can remove the wireless bank card right after and replace it with an authorized card purchased from Lenovo, or you can just remove it and use the computer if you don’t have one, unless you really want to spend more money.

If the prepaid card is removed, the computer will function normally, but without wireless capability. This is better than an error that pops up on the screen for several days.

Remove to clean the wireless map

Open the back cover of your computer clock. Because different desktop computers have different designs, it’s impossible to tell exactly where your wireless card is. You can search for your model on Yahoo and Bing and save the exact location.

Search for a Wi-Fi compatible network and remove it from the map. Replace it with a new one if you have already purchased it. Finally, start the computer where your error disappeared.

You may be able to boot most of the time with rogue networking disabled, but disabled throughout the BIOS. Disable by doing all of the following steps.

Because the BIOS setting should not be available when the whole error is present, you must first remove the WLAN card.

Start the computer, open the installed BIOS, and press the appropriate key, except for most F1, F2, or Enter keys.

In the BIOS menu, click the Configuration tab to open configuration options.

Click on the desired network and disable WiFi radios.

In the main menu of the full menu, click the Security tab, then click I/O Port Access.

At this stage of the skill, you can insert this imp again wired card and boot normally, so please note that this will not affect the operation of the card, the computer will work fine without wireless functionality.

Using A Modified BIOS Fix For This Particular Error

error 1802 unauthorized network card plugged in

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