How To Solve Problems With Event Id 1002 When Word 2010 Freezes


You may encounter an error code that reads: event ID 1002, Application Hangword 2010. There are several ways to fix this problem, and we will look at them shortly.

Event ID 1002 occurs due to an application crash. While non-responsive policies are fairly common, the one application that fails most often can result in a decrease in business productivity and should be reconsidered. For example, a certain DHCP bug may prevent users from connecting to the Internet.

event id 1002 application hang word 2010

Lock Source: Applications

Date: 06/11/2016 18:33:40


level: N/A

User: Program Description: mmc.exe version 10.0.14393.0 stopped communicating with Windows and Windows was shut down. To see if more information about this issue is available,see the history of dilemmas on the maintenance and security control panel.

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I have a new good answer to this question everywhere, but I’m wrong

I am using an XP Professional machine on a 2k network. the word I

Sometimes freezes while doing this and loses all our data, own it

0008: 69 6f 6e 20 so or 48 61 6e 67 ion Hang

0018: 44 2nd 45 58 20 48 31 30 D.EXE 10

0028 : 30 69 25 6 20 ’68 75 6 0 to huns

0030: 67 61 60 – 70 70 20 30 2nd half hour difference 0.2e 0

0038: 2nd 30 something 30 like 20 61 74 20 .0.A

0040: 6f 1 66 66 73 65 74 twenty 30 offset 0

Event ID 1002: Failure

How do I fix Event ID 1002?

this is solved when p . C Form is returned due to lack of resources. Possible solutions are as follows: Make sure there is not enough free or free disk space available.



Event ID 1002 occurs due to an application crash. While applications that are not responding are perfectly normal, an application that constantly crashes can lead to decreased business productivity and should also be checked. For example, a good A DHCP error can prevent users from connecting to the Internet.


A stopped application usually fixes itself shortly after a restart. The information in the marketing information log provides details about a specific program that violates the rules, and you can visit the Action Center to learn more about it.

Professional advice

Using the EventLog Analyzer, track suspended applications with predefined analytic reports and set up a user alert to identify applications that are reactivated. Our Parst solution stores data and conveniently presents information needed for troubleshooting in a single form with intuitive reporting.

Remove all Edge extensions, including WebAdvisor, associated with all Windows user accounts.

I just reinstalled WebAdvisor from the Microsoft Store (no other extensions installed). Problem persists.

Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-AppModel-Runtime microsoft-windows-appmodel-runtime/admin
Source: Date: 02/12/2020 08:37:11
Event ID: None< br>Level: 69
Task Category: Error
Key Process
User: Words: SYSTEM
Computer: G7
Error because 0x490 is the AppModel runtime for stateful package 5A894077. McAfeeWebAdvisor_2.0.22033.0_x86__wafk5atnkzcwy user for XXXXXXX (current increase = 0x0, then desired state 0x20).
Event Xml:

Name=”Microsoft-Windows-AppModel-Runtime” < EventID >69
< Opcode>0
0x200000000000 0001
< EventRecordID >13628

Microsoft -Windows->
< br>


5A89407 7.McAfeeWebAdvisor_2.0.22033.0_x86__wafk5atnkzcwy


name=”desiredstatus” >32 0

Date: 07/23/2020 01:01:11

event id 1002 application hang word 2010

User: N/A

Microsoft.Photos.exe version 2020.20070.10002.0 stopped interacting with Windows and closed. To see if more information is available about the issue, check the issue history in the Security and Maintenance section.

As the name suggests, when you try to help open an image, the application will most likely open, but instead there will be a very black window with an image on the screen. Sometimes it turns on and off for some reason, which means, sometimes, that when you try it on, the picture looks like a jeans window. I’ve tried to repair/reset Windows apps, I’ve also checked the windows store apps troubleshooter and everything comes back with issues found: “Apps freeze or crash, not fixed.” also I tried using sfc, /scannow and Check/scanhealth dism to see if anything could be fixed, but definitely nothing turned out to be corrupted.

My operating system is Windows 10 and drivers are available at the moment. I just noticed that this is done today, and after.This update is KB4562900 .NET framework update, thankfully I don’t know if the images looked like this. Does anyone know what’s definitely going on? do you have something similar?


Why does my Microsoft Office app keep crashing?

1] current version of Microsoft Office First, check if you are using an updated Microsoft version of Office or not. If your Office application is out of date, you need to update the next version of the latest to version. If the crash issue was caused by a bug, updating the Office Jobs app will fix it. Usually

ID Evento 1002 Applicazione Hang Word 2010
ID D’événement 1002 Application Hang Word 2010
ID De Evento 1002 Aplicativo Hang Word 2010
Gebeurtenis-ID 1002 Toepassing Hangt Word 2010
Händelse-ID 1002 Application Hang Word 2010
이벤트 ID 1002 응용 프로그램 중단 Word 2010
Identyfikator Zdarzenia 1002 Aplikacja Hang Word 2010
Ereignis-ID 1002 Application Hang Word 2010
Идентификатор события 1002 Зависание приложения Word 2010
Id. De Evento 1002 Aplicación Hang Word 2010

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