Filesystem Object In Asp Easy Fix Solution


Sometimes your computer may display an error stating the file system object in asp. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

The FileSystemObject is used to access the entire file system on the server. This object can manipulate files, folders and/or directory paths. It is also possible to obtain information about the file system by working with this object. The following code creates a text file (c:test.txt) and then writes the text to the archive: <%


file system object in asp

The second example is taken from our Microsoft documentation and shows various use cases for the FileSystem object:

”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’ Several handy global variables”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””Sun tabSun New LineConstant TestDrive=”C”Constant TestFilePath = “C:Test””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’ Constants returned by Drive.DriveType”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””DriveTypeRemovable constant is 1Constant DriveTypeFixed = DriveTypeNetwork 2constant is 3Constant DriveTypeCDROM = 4DriveTypeRAMDisk constant is 5”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’ Constants returned by File.Attributes”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””Constant FileAttrNormal = 0The FileAttrReadOnly constant is 1Constant FileAttrHidden = 2The FileAttrSystem constant is 4Constant FileAttrVolume = 8Const FileAttrDirectory implies 16Constant FileAttrArchive = 32Const FileAttrAlias ​​means 64Constant FileAttrCompressed = 128”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’Constants openFile name”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””Constant OpenFileForReading = uniqueConstant OpenFileForWriting = 2Const equals openfileforapppending 8”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’Showtipdrive’ Target:’ Generate a string indicating the drive type of the object addressed by Drive.”Prove that shortly after’ – disk type.disk”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””ShowDriveType function (drive) Low S Select CaseDrive.DriveType Case DriveTypeRemovable C = “removable” Case DriveTypeFixed C = “solid” DriveTypeNetwork Case S = “network” CD-ROM drive type S = “CD-ROM” CaseDriveTypeRAMDisk S = “RAM disk” opposite case C = “Unknown” exit selection ShowDriveType = Soutput function”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’DisplayAttrFile’ Target:’ Generate a string describing the attributes of a folder or folder.”show’ track – File.Attributes’ – Folder.Attributes”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””Function ShowFileAttr(File) ‘ File can be any large file or folder Low S weak attraction implies the File.Attributes attribute If the attribute is 0, then ShowFileAttr = “Normal” output function end if If Attr and FileAttrDirectory, then S is equal to S and “Directory”. If Attr and FileAttrReadOnly then S = S and “Read Only” If Attr and FileAttrHidden then S = S and “Hidden” If Attr and FileAttrSystem then S = S & “System” If Attr and FileAttrVolume then S = S & “Volume” If Attr and FileAttrArchive then S = S & “Archive” If Attr and FileAttrAlias ​​then S is equal to S and “Alias”. If Attr And Then compressed attrfile S = S & “Compressed” Showfileattr=Soutput function”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’Generate player information’ Target:’ Generate a string describing the current service“Discs can be bought.”show’ below – FileSystemObject.Drives’ – Collection iteration’ readers – readers.number’ – Disk.AvailableSpace’ – drive letter.disk’ – disk type.disk’ – disk.filesystem’ – Drive.FreeSpace’ – Drive.Done’ – drive.path’ – disk serial number’-drive.sharename’ – total disk size’ – disk.volume_name”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””GenerateDriveInformation(FSO) Function solar discs drive Sun Sun C Set Drives = FSO.Drives S=”Number of drives:” associated with &TabStop &Drives.Count &NewLine &NewLine ‘ Create the first line of the report. equals s S & String(2, TabStop) & “Disk” matches s S & String(3, TabStop) & “File” =S&TabStop&”Allabout” =s S&TabStop&”Free” =S Beds and TabStop and “Available” =s S&TabStop&”Sequential”&NewLine ‘ Build the 2nd line with the report. S = S “letter” &S is equal to S &TabStop & “path” S=S&TabStop&”Type” S is equivalent to S & TabStop and “Done?” S=S&TabStop&”Name” S stands for S, TabStop and “System”. S = S&TabStop&”Space” S means S & TabStop & “Space” S = S&TabStop&”Space” S means S & TabStop & “Number” & NewLine lol dividing line. S = S & S string(105, “-“) and newline For each reader in the reading rooms S=S and drive. drive letter S=S&TabStop&Drive.Path S = S TabStop & & ShowDriveType (disk) S = S TabStop & & Drive.IsReady If Drive.IsReady, then IfDriveTypeNetDrive=.DriveType Then S=S&TabStop&Drive.ShareName Different S=S&TabStop&Drive.VolumeName end if S=S&TabStop&Drive.File system S = S&TabStop&Drive.TotalSize S=S&TabStop&Drive.FreeSpace S=S&TabStop&Drive.AvailableSpace S = S & & tabstop Hex(drive.serialnumber) end if S S Same and new line next GenerateDriveInformationS=output function”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ”” ””’Generate file information’

How can we create a FileSystemObject in asp net?

Question – How do we create our own FileSystemObject?Options – Server.CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) Create(“FileSystemObject”) Create object: “Scripting.FileSystemObject” Server.CreateObject(“FileSystemObject”)The correct answer is Server.CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

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