What To Do With Novell Internal Error 1497?


You may encounter an error indicating novell internal error 1497. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will now turn to. The error CCS_E_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE (-1497, 0xFFFFFA27) can be returned to NICI in various places, such as when required NICI function files cannot be found or are corrupted.

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Solution and source:microphone focus

On the System Information page, select the Advanced System link

In the Options section of the Environment Variables page, in the System Variables section, click tothe “Create” button


Explanation: The CCS library may have failed to authenticate one or more CCS modules.

Action: Follow the instructions in technical information document 10054434 on the Novell Cater to online knowledge base at http://support.novell.com/search/kb_index.htm.

Possible reason. This error can be caused by missing NICI license content (.nfk file copied to NICIFK file). NICI on servers (NetWare, DHost or similar environment on other platforms) must have a NICI Foundation Key file to initialize the key files. Part of the NICI license material is the exclusive license of eDirectory. network software

In previous installations, it was possible to install unlicensed folders, which essentially disabled NICI. With new directory services, first created for free with eDirectory, eDirectory uses NICI for a specific type of cryptographic functionality. A very simple upgrade from an earlier version of eDirectory to a newer version will render eDirectory unusable due to NICI. In itself, this is not a hindrance, but a defect. installation. NICI will not work without the NICI licensed material or the recommended configuration file.

Action: Install the license (installation of the same license may appear) or copy the .nfk file to the nicifk directory after the license disc, then restart the server or possibly restart the process.

Possible reason. The error can also be caused by missing or corrupted NICI configuration files, especially on NetWare servers. A corrupted NICI configuration file can indeed be repaired; it will be thrown away. Since nici 1.3.x, an attempt has been made to minimize the nature of the problem. This is less likely, especially with NICI 2.x or later.

7.1.1 Error -1473: NICI E-OpenSSL Error

This error occurs after FIPS, the OpenSSL libraries used by NICI.

We don’t expect this error to occur. Our team does not currently have a specific workaround for this error code.

7.1.2 -1460: NICI_E_NOT_FOUND


When trying to initialize NICI on a Windows platform, a specific error is usually returned indicating that o setting NICI is not allowed.

novell 1497 internal error

This error is returned if a security domain key (such as a tree key) does not exist on the system. The API is definitely CCS_GetPartitionKey. For more information, see Section 5.0 NICI Keys of Appreciation.

7.1.3 Error -1470: NICI_E_FIPS140CNRG_ERR

This is a flaw in NICI’s internal random number generator as defined by FIPS 140. NICI may attempt to recover and return this error if it fails. The solution is to try again, reload or keep the application running. We don’t expect our error to happen.



This error state -1471: appeared in these FIPS 140 certified NICIs. When loaded, as well as when instantiated by the NICI process, it performs a series of tests with the integrity module and the cryptographic integrity process. If any of the tests fail, nici goes into an unhealthy state and returns this important error. A typical cause of the following issue is module error checking. The solution is to reinstall NICI or uninstall NICI and thenreinstall it.

7.1.5 Error -1472: NICI_E_CRYPTO_DOWNGRADE

We assume that this mistake will not happen again. This bug was introduced in version 2.0.1 of NICI. The most likely cause is the installation, most often associated with a weak NICI build on a trusted NICI installation base. Usually the solution is to install a strong NICI.

Novell® will increase the global supply of NICI and discontinue the limited import version with limited key sizes.

7.1.6 Error -1494: NICI_E_NOT_INITIALIZED

novell 1497 internal error

Of course, as with the -1497 error, this is due to missing NICI licensed material or file configuration. Reinstalling NICI usually resolves the issue. If not, first try deleting the nici registry key in Microsoft Windows, deleting the /etc/nici.cfg Linux theme file, and then installing NICI. Reinstalling NICI does not remove existing cheats. If this does not solve the problem and you do not lose the reprogramming data through the NICI configuration files with keys, delete the NICI settings directory with the registry file in Microsoft Windows or Linux format and reinstall NICI.


  • NICI licensed clothing is missing (.nfk file copied to nicifk file). NICI servers on (DHost or similar environment on other platforms) must acquire a NICI base key file to initialize the key material. nici License The materials are provided under a perpetual license from Novell eDirectory™. NICI is not necessarily fully functional without the contents of a NICI license or an appropriate configuration file. The solution is to install a certificate (it could be a license related install), copy the same file or .nfk file from the license disk to a nicifk file, then start the computer server or restart the DHost process to start.