Best Way To Fix Oci Ora-02291 Error Integrity Constraint Issues


Here are some simple steps that can help you fix the oci ora-02291 integrity constraint error. Constraint violations occur when your INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements violate a primary key, foreign key, unique constraint, or the visibility of an unusual index.

ORA-02291: invalid value limit [message #05 620672]
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I ran into another error while replicating the golden gate. I keep a table deleted from a replicated datasource and update
table, but again the same error. All restrictions are currently enabled in the target database. I don’t understand the reasons for the restriction
is the database broken?


OGG-00869 repeated OCI error ORA-02291: reliability limit
t(ETIS.FK_ABP_BILLINGPERIODID_LOG) violated – parent key not actually found
Database error 2291 (OCI error ORA-02291: I
Integrity Constraint #(etis_abp_billingperiodid_log) Passed – Parent
Key not found (status 2291), equivalent to SQL LINGPERIODLOG” “BPS_OLDSTATEID”, (“abp_billingperiodid”, “BPS_NEWSTATEID”, “ABP_LOG
DATE”,”AC_ACCOUNTNO”) VALUES (:a0,:a1,:a2,:a3,:a4)>).


What is Oracle parent key?

The parent key is either the primary key or the parent table’s unique claim for a particular referential constraint. This key consists of a single or column set of vertices. the parent parameter’s Values ​​define the valid values ​​of its own foreign key in the constraint.

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copied the generated methods to a text file and saved your current ENCKEYS file in the above directory, i.e. in the list of H. Goldengate installation addresses
(During my first try, I never gave the file an extension) GSCI (win-srv001) 2> dblogin sourcedb testdsn, userid gg_admin, security gg_admin
08/01/2014 12:23:29 PM INFO OGG-03036 Database character creation defined as Windows-1252. Locale: en_US.2014-08-01 INFO 12:23:29 chars Session set OGG-03037 identified as Windows role-1252.

to see

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According to all documentation, you are not authorized to help use NOSCHEDULINGCOLS ADD with TRANDATA if you are using Integrated Replicat. Why should oracle care? Let’s find out what can happen if you don’t follow the rules.

At Mail, it’s really just UPDATE projects and how they’ve been affected by adding FOREIGN KEY and UNIQUE KEY logs to the Oracle database. Both of these entries in the transaction log l are enabled in OGG by default and can be disabled using the NOSCHEDULINGCOLS parameter, which is associated with the ADD command transaction (schema). I have a brief fact about the ADD TRANDATA command in one of my articles on the site, and there is also an awesome additional protocol description right on Julian Dyke’s blog.

We support INSERT about and DELETE operations. Insert operations always cause all columns to be written to the replacement log. And the completion removal operations are always in all columns, the values ​​u200bu200bmust also be written in the redo flag part (starting with UNDO). Whichever options you consider, the values ​​for all columns are available to OGG.

This section is required if you have an Or (ui Both fk) constraint for reference and purpose that UPDATES will affect.

1. Logging

oci error ora-02291 integrity constraint

The optional TRANDATA add command adds additional logs to help with the data base of the selected list. Each DML operation that affects a form writes additional information to the redo log along with all the important information needed to make it work.

Optional unconditional logging (usingth in classic Replicat) usually includes a PK in every UPDATE operation.

As a health supplement, can we also have them depending on additional logging: for unique rules (UI) and foreign keys (FK).

2. Test Environment

  1. OGG + Oracle + PSU,
  2. OGG + Oracle + PSU,
  3. OGG + DB + RU

  • OGG 12.1c adds des TRAND DATA
  • OGG 12.1 with ADD TRANDATA months No planning
  • ogg 12-pass.2 with ADD DATA
  • OGG 12.Le with second ADD TRANDATA 12 noschedulingcols
  • ogg.3 ADD with OGG tranddata
  • 3. Unique Draw Key Constraint

    Let’s do a production experiment to see what happens when consumers fiddle with the unique index constraint. The idea is to change the unique constraint part to make it look like the DML operation doesn’t include the entire key part at all, unlike NOSCHEDULINGCOLS. will result in a state where the replica cannot express that other DML market operations no longer refer to the same key.

    How do you fix Ora 02291 integrity constraint violated parent key not found?

    To fix this error, you will probably need to first perform the insert that you experts said you were trying to insert from the parent workspace into our child table. After inserting as a mom or dad line, you can go back and set the table to Insert to Nipper.

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