Easy Way To Repair Oeminfo Ini In Windows 7


Recently, a number of users reported that they encountered oeminfo ini in Windows 7.

How do I change system information in Windows 7?

Click on the start ball.Click Control Panel.Click System and Security.Click Systems.In the left pane, click Advanced system settings.If a UAC window opens, click Yes.The System Properties dialog box opens. Click the Computer Name tab.Click the Change button.

Hello again!
I just bought a DELL Inspiron 6400 with Windows XP!
Unfortunately, I reinstalled my operating system from the supplied CD, exceptionally without a pre-installed Windows backup.
As you know , in WindowsSystem32 there are 2 files named:
oeminfo directory.ini
They show that the manufacturer of the system is indeed DELL.< br>I also lost them compared to too!
If anyone has these 2 files, could you send them to me?
Thank you!

oeminfo ini in windows 7

Learn how to change OEM information in Windows 7 after release. Invited to post by Uttam.

Steps To Change Network Password In 7

How do I change the manufacturer name in Windows 7?

Open the start menu and type “regedit” in the search bar.In the registry editor, go tothose in the main directory:Double-click the RegisteredOrganization key.Enter your company name in the Data Value field.Click OK to save your changes.

Click Download Now and you will be prompted to save the file again. Select Save File and click OK. In some cases, I have kept the WinBubble software on my desktop.

2. Step. Just open the downloaded zip track (WinBubble) by double-clicking on it or by right-clicking here >> open.

3. Step Double click WinBubble2037 to open it, you will see that this zip file has just opened.

4. Double-click WinBubbles again. The file appears after opening the WinBubble2037 folder.

Step 5 Next, you will see a WinBubble file named 2. Double click it to open it.

7. Step Finally, you will see a window where you can change the OEM settings. Enter the name of the manufacturer, system, website, etc. and you can change the image by clicking the “Invert” button next to the “OEM ring settings” text box. After making changes, click Apply.

8. Step Now To apply your changes, right-click “Computer” on your home desktop and select “Properties”.

8. Step Now To view the changes you’ve already made, right-click on the majority of your desktop under “Computer” and select “Properties”.

9. Step In the “System” home window that opens, in the “System” section, you will see the changes to the OEM information, which you just need to make. Hereand all.


If you’ve ever wanted to change your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) settings, it’s easy to follow the steps in the previous guide.

OEM information is displayed next to the logo, whose properties can also be accessed via the context menu of the desktop icon by pressing the WIN + PAUSE key combination on the keyboard. You can import them during automatic build. You need to prepare two files – oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp.

Create Files


Model=DVD XP SP2 Automatic

How do I change my logo on Windows 7?

Right click C:WindowsBrandingShellBrdshellbrd.Click the appropriate Security tab, then click the Advanced button.Click the Owner tab, then click the Change button.Click Other Users or Groups.Enter NT ServiceTrustedInstaller and click OK.



Line1=DVD XP SP2 unattended

You can easily change the text after the At= symbol your discretion. Save the exact file as oeminfo.ini.


Create an image of 180 x 114 contiguous pixels. (width x height), decorate your logo however you like and save it as oemlogo.bmp. You should do this with a transparent background that blends in with the color of the System Properties dialog box.

Test Files

How do I change my OEM?

To change the OEM material, run the tool, enter the new prices in the appropriate fields, and click the Save button. To edit a specific OEM logo, simply click the “should look like” button (three dots button), select the BMP file you want to set as your new custom OEM logo, click Open, then click the Save button.

To test the documentents, copy them to the %windir%System32 database and open the system properties. If the person’s results are not to your liking, keep editing until you’re generally perfect 😉

Import Files

To improve the files during an unattended installation, try putting them in $OEM$$$System32 on the submission page. If not, create one (see the reference for more information on $OEM$ catalogs). When the system is installed, both files are copied to the free System32 directory, regardless of which system installation directory is called.

If you’ve probably done everything right, you’ll see something like a screenshot.

Add This Install Date And Update List

@echo off SET D=%SYSTEMROOT%system32 REM remove duplicate content ” /q %%d for IN (cdefghijklmnopqrstuvw xyz) DO IF EXIST %%dWIN51IP SET CDROM=%%d: echo >> ” %D%oeminfo.ini” Mirrormaker=Vadikan >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” ini” echo Model=Unattended XP SP2 DVD >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” echo >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” Line1=Install match date: %date% >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” echo Line2= >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” echo Line3=Corrections installed:>> “%D%oeminfo.ini” echo Line4= >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” .REM .Line .Number .SET . i= 5 .REM .List .quickfixes .sans .exe .extension .For ./F .”TOKENS=1 .delims= . ..%%j exe” (“dir /B %CDROM%I386svcpackKB *.exe”) do ((set kbname=%%j) (call:myprint)) & GOTO:EOF:myprint echo Line %i%=%kbname% >> “%D%oeminfo.ini” SET /A i+ =1:EOF

Note. If you are using such a batch file, do not create the oeminfo.ini file beforehand, as it is always generated automatically.

Harder batch file version

The topic of dynamically adding information to oeminfo.ini has been extensively discussed on the Windows Guaranteed Installation forum. The conference participants formulated and developed the superfile.

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    As you know, the system registry allows you to do a lot with Windows operating systems, especially modifying existing ones or adding new ones. You can change the options available in the Control Panel, tweak system components, customize every taskbar and desktop, and revise existing or add new items to really different context menus. It turns out that if you know very well which registry settings you need to change or add, you are unlikely to be able to customize your system, but also fully automate this process, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

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