What Causes The E55 Tilt Only Error And How To Fix It


Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating a single tilt error e55. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.


Sole Fitness has become one of the leading brands in the fitness industry in recent years. Their excellent position is due to producing some of the best treadmills at some of the best prices on elliptical trainers and excellent customer service. Let’s assume that even the best companies have problems with equipment, and we can hold them responsible for their occurrence.

sole e55 incline error

Over the past few years, DOJO has received every email regarding issues with Bank Sole Ellipticals e25 ellipticals. Several book lovers signed up each week reporting that they were having problems with E25 and asking if we could help them with the program. I know there’s nothing worse than getting a new piece of gear and you can’t use it. For me, it’s a personal computer. I always seem to buy when a complete computer has a problem that requires me to pack it up and take it back to where I bought it. I hate this feeling.

Before we get into the problems with some Sole E25s, let’s hear from Dan from Texas who has some thoughts on the issues with the device.Let’s see what Dan has to say. Take it, Dan!

sole e55 incline error

First of all, thanks for the hard work putting together all the elliptical trainer manuals. I moved to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a few (Sole or Horizon elliptical trainers). I tried Sole E25 and E55 and Horizon E900. All three cars were very durable. There were almost no lateral movements. I probably won’t notice the difference in steps between the Sole and Horizon models. I noticed scars and scratches on all garden machines, especially on the soles. I read reviews on Dick’s site on single cars (models E25, 55 and 95). The Sole E25 almost always has a lot of bad reviews because of the wheels sticking out of the rails. Nothing was said about the Sole E55 and E95 models at all. I’m even curious if you take care of the mess. Owner’s mistake when assembling the machine or some design flaw?

Thanks for the advice and the good question. We have received many emails from readers about problems with the Sole E25 elliptical trainer, but this is our first real opportunity to investigate the problem.

First of all, the Sole E25/E55 and E900 Horizon are very reliable instruments. The difference between Sole E25 and Sole E55 and why one of the devicesThe problem before is probably that most people are made from two different seeds (as far as I know Sole E25 comes from a Chinese fruit versus a plant). in Taiwan on Sole E55). In particular, the Horizon E900 is an impressive elliptical trainer at an affordable price. This is a real challenge for those who are looking for a reliable incline elliptical trainer at a great price. The Horizon E900 Elliptical Trainer offers great value for money and I wholeheartedly recommend it along with its big brother, the Horizon E1200 Elliptical Trainer.

Regarding this issue with the previously mentioned Sole E25 elliptical trainers, we’ve noticed two recurring issues over the past few months. The first was a completely undesirable squeak coming from the pedal installation. We had several followers asking us about the issue and if it would work on its own. The problem itself arose directly from the hinged pedal assembly and the best ways to connect it to the E25. The squeal didn’t affect performance, but the car was annoying if increased.It is certain that you will find it on a normally large and very quiet elliptical trainer. Fix the problem with a custom plug available from Sole Customer Support. From what we’ve heard, a very small number of devices have had this issue, and Sole told us that the shipment was fixed in January.

The second edition we heard sounded much more radical. We have received emails from our readers who have resolved an issue with an E25 Sole elliptical crank that was rolling during practice or falling off the track during practice. Hearing this, we ordered the Sole E25 elliptical trainer to try it out for ourselves and found no mechanical problems with either car – in the undeniable fact that we couldn’t get our car to start like this in a lifetime on the track, as we’ve seen and heard. So we sent standard emails to readers directly at Sole Fitness to determine what the problem was.

Surprisingly, Sole was fully aware of the problem. I say amazing because,For example, many other organic and natural problems would try to hide it from us. The problem itself is due to excessive lubrication at a new overseas plant. Too much grease on the rails will cause the brake systems to slip or roll on the rails. This fall will cause several of the unit’s wheels to come off the target, scratching all the others. There is a solution on the market to remove the grease and then reapply a small amount of grease to the rails. If you contact Sole Fitness customer service, they will help you and send you the best PDF showing how to do it.

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