Troubleshooting Tips To Undo Xp System Restore Command Prompt


Over the past few weeks, some users have reported that they have had the experience of canceling an XP system restore request.

Outlook: Failed to connect to the suggestion server. Account:, Server:, Protocol: POP3, Port: 11, Secure (SSL): No, Error 10061, Socket: Error Number: May 0x800ccc0e

Outlook incorrectly uses the prt number.

Reboot your computer first, when you are sure, try the following…

Go to -> “Account “Advanced” records…” -> “Mail” -> “Advanced” “Properties” ->. Change the mail number of the POP3 port (incoming server) to 110. It will be

he also advised to remove the email account from Outlook. Close the login panel in the management of your business hosting account, go directly to Mail, Add/Remove and Upload and thus automatically open the Outlook Express configuration. After downloading and installing Outlook, open Express and try again.

Make sure your login name matches your account name or even [email protected]

You also need to make sure that your ISP is not blocking external access to port 25 for their service. Opening a good shell/ku command line and typing “telnet You 25”, you can access it. Otherwise, your ISP or the software you have installed is considered to be blocking your access.

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