Tips To Fix Vista Errors When Closing Windows Explorer


If you are getting a Windows Explorer Shut Down vista error, this guide has been created to help you.


Well, haven’t I updated myself. This is a new installation. I have no app installed. it showed up the second day. tried to use it as a system restore option. Systems cannot be restored to an earlier point. checked Miscellaneous 3 check item. Frequency is more important than reported error messages.

1) Search the web for a solution and restart explorer (which doesn’t work)

If it works, I try to close a specific window, the system freezes and I have to hard reset again and again


  • I’m trying to get a message that Windows Explorer has stopped working properly and I’m trying to restart it.

    Hello , I have Windows Vista Simple and it worked great to the point that yesterday I got a text message saying that Windows Explorer has stopped working and when I press Restart 3 seconds later it quickly comes back?

    Original title: Windows Vista Basic was working fine until yesterday, but now I’m getting messages that Windows Explorer has stopped working.



    established cleaning methods and other methods to determine the cause and
    solution of problems.

    ——————————— ————– – ————- ————- ——— —

    What antivirus, antispyware, and security products are used on your family’s computer? Make sure you NEVER work
    on this computer, including the ones you deleted (they contain leftovers that can cause
    weird problems).

    Why does my file explorer keep shutting down?

    When File explorer keeps crashing, empty or corrupt filesFiles alone are one of the most common causes. To check for (and repair) missing or corrupted system files, you can run the System File Checker (SFC) when you try Windows PowerShell. The SFC tool will take some time if you want to scan your computer for file incompatibilities.

    —————————————————– – ————- ————- —–

    Follow the appropriate steps:

    How do I repair Windows Explorer?

    select the button > Start > Settings Update & Security.Select Advanced Recovery > Start > Restart Now > Advanced Windows Startup 10.On the Services screen, select “Troubleshoot”. On the Next “Advanced Options” screen, select “Fix Automatic Variant from Variants”.Enter your name and password.

    Start – type it again in the search box -> find COMMAND at the top and right click – run as administrator

    Enter this at the main prompt – sfc/scannow

    How to check Microsoft-generated file log entries by using Windows Resource Checker (sfc.exe) in the same Vista program
    Windows cbs.log

    Also run CheckDisk, so today we can’t rule out possible corruption as much as possible.

    How to check disk when booting Vista


    In predecessor:

    How to solve the startup cleaning learning problem in Windows Vista
    so you can troubleshoot Vista performance issues
    Properties window

    vista error windows eplorer shut down

    Optimize performance by referencing Microsoft
    on Vista Windows com/kb/959062
    To see everything that happens during the boot process, wait a few reasonable minutes without using anything, then right-click
    on the panel task manager tasks Processes – take a look at “Registered By” – “Services” is a quick reference (if a person has a small box at the bottom left – show all users, tick).

    How to directly check and reducting screw programs

    Summary of some loading methods – use For msconfig, paste list
    here.– —–
    ———— – ——– ————————————————– —

    The tool browser should probably help:

    Available processes. Find out what processes, files, and keys, as well as the registry and other objects are already open. DLL
    have them and many more loaded. This extremely efficient utility should show you who owns each process.

    Autostart – Completely Free See which programs start automatically when you start the system
    and log in. autoruns also shows you the complete registry document and file paths where you
    configure application autorun settings. aspx
    Process – Free – Real-time monitoring of system files, registry, loading, dll streams, and activities.< br>

    When I start my computer it says Windows Explorer has stopped working?

    You may be using an outdated and corrupted graphics driver. Your PC’s system files may be corrupted and incompatible with other files. There may be a virus or malware problem on your computer. Some applications or services running on your PC may cause Windows Explorer to stop working.

    Sysinternals offers many highhigh-quality free tools

    -Free – WhatsInStartUP utility displays a list of all methods loaded automatically
    on Windows startup. The following messages are displayed for each request: command line type string of the company being started (registry/folder being started), full product name, file version for, company name;
    location after using the register or file function, etc. It makes it easy to disable or remove
    unwanted startup solution when Windows starts.
    http://www.NirSoft.NET/utils/what_run_in_startup.great html

    Most free Zu tools are available
    nirsoft http://www.NirSoft.NET/utils/index.html

    Window Watcher Free – – Do you know what’s running on your computer? no. WindowWatcher says it will report all windows created by running programs, whether the window is visible or not.

    Lots of great free tools and a great newsletter from Karenware

    How do I get rid of explorer.exe error?

    Solution 1 – Restart File ExplorerSolution 2 – Change the virtual memory sizeSolution 3 – Disable fast startupSolution 4 – Run SFC/DISMSolution 5 – Run ChkDskFix 6. Update to Microsoft . NET framework.Solution 7: You run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.Solution 8 – Scan your PC for malware


    Vis drivers updatedta Windows and 7 fall in love here’s how to update the most important thing.Ma

    Here is the general corresponding driver modification:

    With this utility, it’s usually easy to see which versions are in doubt:

    vista error windows eplorer shut down

    -DriverView is a free download – the utility displays the total cost of all device drivers currently entered into your system.
    For each driver in the list, additional really useful information is displayed: theme download address, driver,
    description, name product, manufacturer and driver much more.
    http://www.NirSoft.NET/utils/DriverView.refs to html

    For conductors, consult the manufacturer of the multi-level emergency device and the manufacturer of the generic device which are used most often.

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