Best Way To Remove YouTube Video Download Error 403


If you have youtube video download error 403 on your system, we hope this guide will help you solve it.

The HTTP 403 Forbidden Response Fame code indicates that the server appreciates the request but rejects it. This status is similar to 401 to help you, but for the exact 403 Forbidden status code, re-authentication is not a big deal.

Hey, two or three, two or three weeks ago, youtube-dl gave me a “HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden” fix available for some videos, while others with the same order work in better quality.
After several tests, it turned out that about half of the videos that I try to download cannot find all the links between the videos that I can download and those that I do not want to downloadI tried to match everything a little crazy.

How do I fix error code 403?

What is a specific forbidden 403 error?Reloads the page.Check the address.Clear your browser’s cookies and cache.Check if you have permission to access a specific URL.Try later.Contact this site.Contact your Internet Service Provider.

I tried several of the commands found in this post yesterday with no success.

Here is a detailed description (used for ffmpeg, but same problem, but without ffmpeg):

How do I fix error 403 in Chrome?

Often a 403 error is literally temporary, and a simple reminder can help. Most Mozillas use Ctrl+R on Windows or Cmd+R on Mac to refresh, and also provide a refresh button somewhere above the address bar.

[debug] System config: []
[debug] User config: [][]
[debug] User config: [][]
[debug] Command line arguments: [‘ -x’, ‘–audio-format’, ‘flac’, ‘’, ‘–verbose’]
[debug] Encodings: destination cp1252 , mbcs , fs out cp850 , pref cp1252
[debug] youtube-dl version 2020.03.24
[debug] Python version 3.4.4 (CPython) – Windows-10-10.0.18362
[ debug] exe options: ffmpeg 4.2. 2
[debug] Proxy map:
[youtube] nVcPLlHHcdU: download webpage
[youtube] 18 caption length one hundred and eight, HTML5 player vflset
[youtube] 134 caption distance 104 , HTML5 player -Vflset
[youtube] 243 handles length 104, HTML5 player vflset
[YouTube] 133 classic length 108, HTML5 gamer vflset
[YouTube] 242 caption length 108, HTML5 Grinder vflset
[ youtube ] caption 160, length 104, html5 block vflset
[youtube] 278 caption, length 108, html5 player, vflset
[youtube] 14 0 caption, size 104, reading HTML5 or vflset
[youtube] ] ] 249 special length 108, html5 player vflset
[youtube] 250 claw length 108, html5 real shooter vflset
[youtube] 251 signature dlina 108, html5 music vflset
[debug] Evoke Downloader at ‘https://r4— 3Ac 3A7d0%3Ac 3A7d0 3A8E2C&ID=O -AKWVSI2I0OMVWPQR096RAGEP0PPU7JP6HPARMECWU3O&ITAG=251&Source=YouTube&Beigeessl=YES&MM=SI&MM=31% 2C29&MH=CH-25GLEZZ%MP2CSN-25GE52 mr=2CSN-25GE7NSL&mv3 mr mr&mv=2c%pl=30&initcwndbps=622.500&VPRV=1&mim=audio%2fwebm&gir=yes&clen=6384797&dur=395981&lmt=1540190826629720&t=1758 &fvip=4&keep-alive-=yes&s=WEB&TXP=5411222&sparams=Expire %2Cei%2Cip%2Cid%2Citag%2Csource%2Crequiressl%2Cvprv%2Cmime%2Cgir%2Cclen%2Cdur%2Clmt&lsparams= mk% 2Cmm% 2Cmn% 2Cms% 2Cmv% 2Cmvi %% 2Cpl 2Cinit.dbps & LSIG = .dbps & LSIG ALrAebAwRAIgA17ft IW1CO8tiuf1CPvoNIqvNlVN2t- vTHl42Dbit_ECIHAGT8iXbQIhef8f294nvhCzcBFSroYR1vOe7GJCpbKq & sig = AJpPlLswRQIgDIhlpMyzN5K1 kr7VC UdsGmsjRcHbzoFO === OuuBc18hEoCIQCa4VFFI zWib1wJ5wZ1LJaobWs1hDA5OzjVJSEXBq and bypass rate = yes Error: Failed to load video : HTTP Error 403: Forbidden tracing
(last last call): Hotel “C:UsersdstAppDataRoamingBuild archive”, 1926, line only in process_info
File “C:UsersdstAppDataRoamingBuild archiveyoutube – dlytdl”, 1865, string throughout dl
File “C:UsersdstAppDataRoamingBuild archiveyoutube -dlytdl -orgtmpjwbwqymm build”, line 366, as part of download
archive fileyoutube-dlytdl-orgtmpjwbwqymmbuildyoutube_dldownloaderhttp “c:usersdst”, Line 341, real_download
File “C:UsersdstAppDataRoamingBuild archiveyoutube-dlytdl-or gtmpjwbwqymmbuild youtube_dl downloader http .Line py”, 109, everywhere Set_Connection
File “C:UsersdstAppDataRoamingBuild archiveyoutube-dlytdl-orgtmpjwbwqymmbuild”, line 2238 , located in file
urlopen “C:PythonPython34liburllibrequest.Line py”, 470, in file
o open “C:PythonPython34liburllibrequest.Line py “, 580, in http_response
File “C:PythonPython34liburllibrequest.Line py”, 508, error
File “ “, 442, line in _call_chain
file “C:PythonPython34liburllibrequest .py”, line 588, with http_error_default
urllib.error . HTTP error: Forbidden HTTP error


Youtube-dl is my favorite command line download manager. I often use it to download mp3s, videos and movies from the internet. Today I was trying to download an online YouTube video using youdtube-dl on my Beyond Linux desktop and got this handy error message: Unable to download image data: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden. Usually most youtube-dl errors are fixed after updating youtube-dl. So I updated youtube-dl with command:

$ sudo youtube-dl -U

And then I tried to download the video again with the command:

[youtubee] 4jTy5jnMkYc: download siteWARNING: Requested formats that do not match are intended to be merged and will automatically be merged into mkv.ERROR: No video data found: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

If you’ve encountered this error before, follow these steps to fix it.

Fix “Unable To Load Video Data: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden” When Uploading Media With Youtube-dl In.

This Linux

The error can probably appear due to the youtube dl cache. To solve this problem, simply unload the youtube-dl cache with the following command:

$youtube-dl --rm-cache-dir

This command will probably remove the local cache database for youtube-dl. In my case this removed the following

Delete directory:

Memory cache directory /home/sk/.cache/youtube-dl ...

If you are indeed using youtube-dl in your Python code, the following should help you fix this error.

youtube video download error 403

 'cachedir' number: False -> don't use good local cache directory (~/.cache/youtube-dl)    = ydl_opts...,               'kachedir': false                    on youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(ydl_opts) as ydl:       Result of ydl.extract_info(url)

Now I canm download videos from YouTube for you.


youtube video download error 403

[youtube] 4jTy5jnMkYc: download site[youtube] 4jTy5jnMkYc: download member js vflset[youtube] 4jTy5jnMkYc : download js vflset media playerWARNING: the requested formats are incompatible for joining and will be merged with mkv.[Download] Destination: Takkar _ Nira Song Lyric Video _ Siddharth _ Sid Sriram _ Gautham _ menon Nivas K Prasanna-4jTy5jnMkYc.f137.mp4[download] 100% 29.87 MB from 00:24[download] Destination: Takkar _ Nira Song Lyric Video _ Siddharth _ Sid Sriram _ Gautham _ menon Nivas K Prasanna-4jTy5jnMkYc.f251.webm[download] 100% 5.10 MB for 00:04[ffmpeg] Merging formats into "Takkar Nira _ Song Lyric Video _ Siddharth _ Sid Sriram _ Gautham Menon _ Nivas K Prasanna-4jTy5jnMkYc.mkv"Delete original file Takkar _ Nira Song Lyric Video Siddharth _ _ Sid Sriram _ Gautham Menon _ Nivas K Prasanna-4jTy5jnMkYc.f137.mp4 (skip -k to save)Delete original file Takkar _ Song nira Lyric Video _ Siddharth _ Sid Sriram _ Gautham Menon _ Nivas K Prasanna-4jTy5jnMkYc.f251.webm (skip -k to save)


As you may have noticed, the above command contains a warning message:

[…]WARNING: The requested formats are incompatible for mixing and will be merged with mkv.[…]

This is not actually a flaw, but rather the expected behavior of the youtube-dl search command. By default youtube-dl extracts the highest quality audio and our own highest quality available video streams and then puts them in a suitable container like mkv, mp4 etc. These audio and video streams probably won’t fit well into the product mp4, then youtube-dl packs them into the whole mkv container and displays a warning message in the top right corner. In such cases, anyone can ignore the mkv warning and additionally download the best video quality and then the best audio quality, but mostly in an mp4 container with the desired audio and video formats clearly indicated, as in the example below:

Błąd Pobierania Wideo Z YouTube 403
Youtube-videonedladdningsfel 403
Ошибка загрузки видео с YouTube 403
Errore Di Download Video Di Youtube 403
YouTube-Video-Download-Fehler 403
유튜브 비디오 다운로드 오류 403
Erro De Download De Vídeo Do Youtube 403
Error De Descarga De Video De Youtube 403
Youtube Video Download Fout 403
Erreur De Téléchargement De Vidéo Youtube 403

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